Hi there,


This is the long-overdue post about me 🙂

My name is Kat and I’m really excited to be working here at the Royal College of Nursing Library and Heritage Centre as a grad trainee, along with my counterpart Lauren. I’ve already been here for  just over two months but in many ways I feel like I’ve been here much longer!. My story of how I got here is rather interesting: I undertook an undergrad degree in English Literature in South Africa (which is where I grew up). I then moved to the UK and worked for several years as a medical secretary for a pathology lab in the private sector. I had, however,  always wanted to do a Master’s degree and there was something about being a librarian which always called to me. When I saw the CILIP accredited ‘Digital Asset and Media Management Degree’ advertised at King’s College London I had to apply. So I came to the RCN as a slightly unusual case: a Graduate Trainee with an MA. I wanted to come in at this level as my degree was very orientated on the digital aspect of things and I felt that having a good foundation in the practical day to day workings of a library were essential. I didn’t have very high hopes of being chosen, but I was over the moon when I was offered the position. With a background in the medical sector, experience with customer service and the knowledge that I wanted a career in Library and Archives I couldn’t have ended up in a better place. And I’ve not looked back.


We have already learned so much in the last few weeks and got to try our hand at many things. We have both even survived our obligatory new job colds!

Included below are some general tasks and highlights of my induction and onwards:

*Being able to help out in the Library and Heritage space and performing the usual circulation tasks (from adding new users to interlibrary loans and beyond!).

* Having a lot of fun lending a hand with setting up our lovely centenary exhibition. What an exciting start to our time here (and such a super opportunity)! This included:

– Helping to through the plethora of nursing badges which have been used as part of the exhibition.

-Mounting old documents  (such as letters, Sarah Swift’s application form, telegraphs and pamphlets) onto acid free cardboard and holding them in place with clear melamine tape

*Creating the Winter Health Display.


These, of course, are just the beginnings of our adventures here. Stay posted for more news about what I’m getting up and of course our library visits and training.



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