Is this goodbye??


So this is it!

After about ten months, it is finally my last day as a Graduate Trainee here in the RCN Library! It only really clicked on Thursday when I started the process of clearing my desk that yes, I was actually leaving and not coming back next week .  Farewell annotated meeting agenda from April, you will be missed.

It has been a fantastic ten months.  It probably sounds super cliche, but the people I’ve been working with have definitely been the main reason for that.  Everyone has always been more than happy to help, and I will definitely miss seeing these people day in day out.  I’ve learnt a lot -not just about library work, but also about some of my own strengths and a few other things, like how best to weave my way through Oxford Circus tube station when it is filled with vaguely lost looking tourists and where all the nearest cash points are.

I’ve had some really great experiences too.  From trying to escape a locked room with a zombie in the middle in the name of team-building and flying to Edinburgh to taking part in Open House and joining the RCN tortoise on a tour around London, I have some amazing memories that I’m going to take with me and can  only thank everyone for making my time here so rewarding.

The new trainee, Miriam (who should be making her introduction soon) is absolutely lovely, and answering her questions on what the role involves this week and really highlighted to me how much I have actually done since November.

At the moment, the only plans I have from Saturday 1st of October are to tidy my room (boring), go see the new Bridget Jones film (hopefully not boring) and continue sending out job applications (kind of boring but also necessary).  I’m sure I’ll get something lined up soon, and I’m interested in experiencing university libraries or possibly a special collections environment.  Eventually, I think I’d like to do a qualification, but I want to be a bit clearer on what area I’m interested in, and have a bit more experience too, before I take that plunge.

I will definitely be checking in with everyone here from time to time – hopefully I’ll end up working nearby and will be able to see people in person, and I will also be setting myself up with a WordPress account purely to heckle continue following Tim and Miriam’s adventures here.

It’s been a blast!

Lauren x





As a thanks for reading this, have a bonus!

My beloved dinosaur unicorn, Jamala, will be bequeathed to Kat, who has promised to take care of our child.  One time, we had custody of Jack the RCN Tourtoise and took him around London, and it was fun. The story told in the below slideshow is of course 100% accurate and was totally not a result of me putting random things that came into the office on top of my computer screen and then coming up with a trite story for my own entertainment.  That would be silly and outlandish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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