A Year in the Life of a Graduate Trainee – The Tim Spring Story

It all started when I was just 5 years old. My mum had just bought me a brand new Action Man but I immediately threw it aside.

“Tim, what on earth is wrong?” she said.

“I don’t want an Action Man, mum,” I cried. “I want a Graduate Trainee Man from the library of a Nursing Trade Union, idiot!”

Little did we know back then, that one day, I – Timothy Shaun Spring – would go on to follow that dream.

And what a dream it’s been.

Look how interested this young professional is in his library exhibition.

Now I have the glib part out of the way, I thought it would be nice for a change to make a blog post not dripping in sarcasm and irony…So let’s start with some positives, shall we?

One of the best things about the traineeship here at the RCN has been how well structured I have found our scheme to be. This has led to great opportunities to learn new skills and experience a broad range of the many aspects of librarianship. I have spent time with all the teams in the library to learn about their role and also gained hands-on experience of the work they do (e.g. cataloguing, event planning, database training etc etc). This has been really valuable for my professional development and also given me a good introduction to the kind of work I might expect to do in the future.

I’ve also enjoyed many of the non-library specific work such as giving tours, attending student recruitment, visiting other libraries, attending training courses and more. Whilst not library specific, I think taking part in these activities helps you feel more connected to the organisation and the work here, whilst also offering a well-balanced workload with plenty of transferrable skills.

The people I get to work with have also been a fantastic and fundamental part of the great experience I’ve had at the RCN. Everyone in the library team has always been helpful and people always have time to offer their advice, experience and time. So thanks to everyone for all the amazing support and training you have offered over the past year.

What a professional looking young man.


I’m feeling a bit nauseous after writing so positively about the RCN so I think it would be in my best interest to wrap this up with some good old fashioned arrogance from the greatest graduate trainee the RCN will ever have.

It’s been a privilege for all of you to have had the opportunity to work with me. You will all miss me greatly and struggle to fill the void that I leave but I’m sure my protégé (who I unfortunately won’t meet) will do their best to live up to my now legendary reputation.



P.S. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time in my final week to draft anything even remotely comprehensive enough to encapsulate everything wrong with the RCN Library so suffice it to say that my last day hasn’t come soon enough…


One thought on “A Year in the Life of a Graduate Trainee – The Tim Spring Story

  1. Phil S March 17, 2017 / 11:58 am

    Farewell Tim! And good luck 🙂


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